Our brand new cycle studio features the virtual MYRIDE system.

Get on the bike and head for the hills. And the canyons. And the desert plains. Cycle through high-definition virtual landscapes around the world. Have more fun and burn more calories than ever before. If your Myride class were any more realistic, you’d be checking the traffic.


Of course, Myride®+ offers all the cardiovascular and conditioning results you’d expect from a top-notch, indoor-cycling program: a stronger and healthier heart, improved blood flow and oxygen transport, leg and core strength, body tone, a faster metabolism, increased energy.

But what’s unique about Myride®+ are the enhanced sensation of forward motion and speed, the experience of riding a real bike, the eye-catching videography of stunning world locations, the involvement of your senses that takes you far beyond guided imagery. With these visual enhancements, you’ll work harder as you actually sense the road or trail moving under and past you.


Start today. People of all backgrounds and fitness levels can participate in Myride®+ classes. Become fitter, live stronger and ride your bike in parts of the world you may never get to see.

Pull on some comfortable clothes and trainers, fill up your water bottle, grab your towel and you are ready to go!

Myride®+ Timetable